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  • Excellent Co-workers are Excellent.

    Last Friday some code I wrote finally got battle tested and was found wanting (read: it was not very good). And because of deployment processes I needed a co-worker to deploy it. Each time a new build of the software deployed my co-worker used an exclamation that it was complete that was colorful. (5:49:10 PM)…

  • Still Life from Dayjob

    The Chumby (Chumby Classic, Pearl Edition) is not really for work, but it should provide some entertainment for my co-workers. Which you may recall (unlikely, really) I won back in June 2008 at the L.A. Flash Users Group.

  • Dayjob View

    One of the perks of the current dayjob is a lovely view facing north toward the Hollywood Sign. I dug my week there. Though I worked long hours, and worked pretty darn hard, I enjoyed myself and feel I contributed substantively. There were things that frustrated me, sure, but it was actually a fun deployment…

  • New Dayjob in Hollywood

    Yesterday was the first day at a new dayjob. It went great, about as great as one could have a right to expect–maybe better! I’m playing in HTML and JavaScript and jQuery and PhotoShop and PHP, and soon also Flash, XML, Apache–my usual stuff. It’s highly enjoyable and right across the street from Amoeba Records….

  • Late Night

    Leah did leave last night for Colombia. I’m glad we said our goodbyes yesterday morning rather than having dinner at LAX, since it didn’t work out to connect before her 9pm flight. But I did work a little late last night. Nice night, but chilly. I think I needed a sweater last night. I tried…

  • Rooftop Vehicle Storage

    So a local (Culver City) car dealer started storing cars on the top of our parking garage. I always park on the roof, so anytime I am up there I see the cars. I have taken to think of these cars as an economic indicator. They all seem to be SUV vehicles. I wonder about…

  • Housekeeping Miscellany

    So over on the right hand side of the main page of there I include a statement about when I’ll be available for work, and that just changed again. I am continuing on with Sierra for another two months while we continue an ongoing project. It’s always simpler to renew something than it is…

  • Rock Band

    One of the funner side effects of working for a game company is that new games tend to get bought on the date of release. To that end, yesterday there was a copy of Rock Band in the office. Because of my previous experience (documented by Leah here) playing SingStar and Karaoke Revolution I was…

  • @Work

    eyeglasses, earbuds, web browser, programming tools.

  • Sassy Weighs In

    The Insidious Culture of Non-Mandatory Overtime. Read it. And may I suggest: ITOvertime. Food for thought, kids.