Words Essays, reporting, presentations, poetry.

by Joe Crawford (joe@artlung.com)

2003“The Flash Mind Reader” - How It Works
Explanation of an internet meme
2002Misc: Ben Forta Speaks
Macromedia from the point of view of their Product Evangelist
Two ShipsPoetry
Never EnoughPoetry
Becoming: A Meditation On Your Divorce DayPoetry
Lindows, the Pitch.
Michael Robertson, Lindows, and the Future
2001I am a Frank Zappa Fan
An appreciation
The State of Web Work, November 2001
Thoughts on web design and development
What's the Internet For?
A meditation
2000My Nostalgia For AOL 2.7
1999Accessibility Presentation to CNET Builder Live!
Vision for WebSanDiego.org
A speech
Linux: Why here? Why now? Why at all?
Thoughts on Linux from 1999. With George Edw. Seymour
1998WebStandards.org Alpha Baseline Proposal
Groundbreaking? Judge for yourself
What is a Web Integrator?
Defining myself from the height of the Internet Bubble
1997TI-99, Amigas and PowerMacs, oh my!
Essay on platform agnosticism
1992-1993Some Poems (Mostly for Molly)Poetry