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I have strong opinions about what constitutes a good website. A website is not merely a collection of pages, it is an education and communications vehicle, a marketing tool, a business instrument, and a company's public face. A website must be integrated with company goals, or it will fail.

Bad websites can happen despite the best of intentions. Often, even though Jane Q. Public recognizes that a site is bad, often is unaware that the public isn't getting what they should from their site.

My philosophy stems from my wide range of experience. I have worked in almost all facets of web development, in nearly every type of environment -- in a cutting edge boutique-style web shop serving entertainment clients -- in a stodgy multinational IT department working on a global corporate intranet -- in a fly-by-night web shop working for dodgy Hollywood types -- in a startup web portal -- and in a software-process intensive web-based application company.

I've done it all, and that gives me the perspective needed to make your website work.

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