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2014-11-12kitty“MISS U”soundcloud.comDance music always.
2014-05-02KRS-One“Sound of da Police”
2013-06-19Little Boots“Stuck on Repeat”youtube.comThe different versions of this song on YouTube are like a 12" single. This is the live mix.
2013-06-12Little Boots“Stuck on Repeat”"And it's you that makes me move to the beat, and it's you that has me stuck on repeat"
2013-06-05Dave Grohl“Band On The Run”"the rain exploded with a mighty crash"
2013-05-07Simple Minds“Up On The Catwalk”youtube.comI will be there, I will be there, I will be there
I will be there, I will be there
2013-02-22T.S.O.L.“Flowers by the Door”
2013-02-15Cults“Oh My God”vimeo.comAgain and again and again I'm playing this song.
2012-12-14David Byrne“In The Future (1988)”"In the future there will be mini-wars going on everywhere."
2012-10-27Sérgio Mendes“Waters of March”youtube.comMy mom Phyllis Crawford loved this song. I remember her playing this LP.
2012-10-11Rush“The Spirit Of Radio”
2012-10-05Harry Connick, Jr. & Lucien Barbarin“St. James Infirmary”
2012-05-11New Order“Turn the Heater On”youtube.comOne of my very most favorites.
2012-05-05Funky 4+1“That's The Joint”mybandsbetterthanyourband
2012-04-29The Chromatics“Doppler Shifting”astrocappella.comNerd a cappella joy.
2012-04-23Laura Barrett“Robot Ponies”
2012-04-17Siouxsie & The Banshees“Hong Kong Garden”hypem.comLyrically more offensive than I remember.
2012-04-11Steely Dan“The Caves Of Altamira”
2012-04-05Beastie Boys“I'm Down”youtube.comIt's a pity this song is not legal.
2012-03-30Michael Bublé“Mr. Templeton”youtube.comMy wife and I love 30 Rock. My mom's love of Bublé plus her untimely death cause me to cry at this silly jam.
2012-03-13The Primitives“Crash”
2012-03-08PJ Harvey“To Bring You My Love”
2012-02-24David Byrne“In the Future”
2012-02-07Kate Nash“Skeleton Song”
2012-02-01Buck Owens and His Buckaroos“Act Naturally”youtube.comDig that Bakersfield Sound.
2012-01-26Digable Planets“Where I'm From”youtube.comBoom boom crack.
2012-01-20Stew & The Negro Problem“Curse”youtube.comFrom a record coming out so, so soon....

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