I have lived a lot of different places! Mostly, as it turns out California and Virginia. I’ve learned so much living and working in so many places.

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina (Ft. Bragg)
  2. San Diego, California (Skyline)
  3. Riverside, CA
  4. Echo Park, CA
  5. Alhambra, CA
    • School: Park School
  6. Quezon City, Philippines
    • School: La Salle Green Hills
  7. San Diego, CA (Skyline)
    • School: Anderson Elementary School
  8. New Orleans, LA
  9. Gretna, LA
    • School: Christ The King School
  10. San Diego, CA (Clairemont)
  11. San Diego, CA (Pacific Beach)
    • School: University of San Diego High School
    • Work: Citizen’s Western Bank
  12. Roanoke, Virginia
    • School: Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley: College of Health Sciences
  13. Charlottesville, VA
    • Work: University of Virginia Medical Center
  14. Buena Park, CA
    • Work: Los Alamitos Medical Center
  15. Los Angeles, CA (Koreatown)
    • Work: California Hospital Los Angeles
    • School: UCLA Extension
  16. Los Angeles, CA (Cheviot Hills)
    • Work: Hollywood (GTM)
    • Work: Downtown (ARCO)
    • Work: Marina Del Rey (Jamison/Gold)
  17. San Diego, CA (Serra Mesa)
    • Work: Solana Beach (Edupoint)
    • Work: Kearny Mesa (Bidland)
    • Work: Gaslamp Quarter (AVENCOM)
  18. San Diego, CA (North Park)
  19. San Diego, CA (Sherman Heights)
    • Work: Downtown (
  20. Simi Valley, CA
  21. Moorpark, CA
    • Work: Ojai, CA
    • Work: Camarillo, CA
    • Work: Los Angeles, CA
    • Work: Hollywood, CA
    • Work: Glendale, CA
  22. Roanoke, VA
  23. San Diego, CA (Fashion Valley)
    • Work: Sorrento Valley, CA
    • Work: Rancho Bernardo, CA
    • Work: Miramar Ranch North, CA
    • Work: Sorrento Valley, CA
    • Work: Carlsbad, CA