Something slightly patriotic for September 2001.

If the intelligence services of the USA were so surprised…

If the intelligence services of the USA were so surprised by the events of 11 September, how can they so quickly draw conclusions about who is responsible? Is this a rush to judgement? No doubt Bin Laden is a bad fellow, but what if we destroy him and his network and are still left with a terrible world security problem? Reading the link below will make you think.

Within minutes, and certainly hours, of the events of Tuesday, our learned intelligence officials began to assure us that Usama Bin Laden is the most likely culprit; but it is wholly unclear as to precisely how this conclusion has emerged, since little or nothing could have been learned in those minutes and hours that was not known before and that could have been examined for veracity.

–Benjamin Zycher ;Senior Fellow;
Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy ( via IP )

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