Battle not with monsters, Lest you become a monster; and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. -Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900 is the personal website of joe crawford. San Diego California USA

Eat my eclecticism:

My rotating playlist the other day was:

He Loves U Not (Club Mix) by Dream; Crystal by New Order; God’s Child by David Byrne and Selena; Doowutchalyke by Digital Underground; Lady Marmalade (Thunderpuss Radio Mix) by Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, Lil’Kim, Missy Eliot; Wonderful Wino by Frank Zappa (from: The Lost Episodes); Bamboozled by Love by Frank Zappa (from: Tinseltown Rebellion).

I got a lot of work done. I think for coding, sometimes a repetitive groove works very well. I remember writing many term papers in RT School while playing They Might Be Giants “Flood” again and again.

posted this 22 years ago.
What else did he post in November 2001?

(Monday November 5th 2001 at 6:39am)

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