More reorganizations taking place…

More reorganizations taking place. I’m moving the mountains of content I have around into more logical places. One thing that’s being established is a words area, for pieces which are not journal items, not portfolio items, and stand on their own in some way. I’m exhuming some old mailing list posts for this area. I’ve been a very busy person on mailing lists since 1997 or so, and it’s about time I start to see if some of it needs a web home. First up: What is a Web Integrator?, from 1998. I also moved the Alpha Baseline Proposal to prominence. In other “moving the deck chairs” news, I’ve moved my old sig files. Under the hood, I’m unifying navigation and site programming everywhere I can. According to automated checks with linklint I’ve done I have roughly 700 files and 3500 links on I’ve made it a goal to make managing the site as simple and painless as possible for me. Additionally, I want the site to be friendly to visit for web crawlers, visitors, family, friends, and avoid linkrot.

And now, bedtime.

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