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iSwitchbrilliant idea

But a big part of the reluctance is the switching cost. People don’t want to have to fight with Windows to transfer all their old stuff over.

Now imagine if Apple provided, with their new iMacs, an iSwitch software suite.

After putting the new Mac on the home network, you put the iSwitch CD into your old windows box. Magically, all your old documents, bookmarks, and email begin to appear on the mac. The internet dialup configuration also transfers over. The pain of conversion disappears.

When it’s done, you turn off the windows PC — for the last time.

There must be migration packages out there. Heck, it would be useful to make a Windows box to Windows box migration kit as well. Something for the typical consumer who just wants to move their email and documents and jpegs. I think though, that people end up needing to know some geek, or kid, to help them with migrations of this sort.

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