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Bebe Advertisements Site Updated and Moved.

One of the most searched for things on this site is for “Bebe Ads.” Some time ago I became, well, obsessed about the wonderful photography contained in bebe ads. I’ve added some new ones, notably of Yamila Diaz, Nina Brosh, and Isabeli Fontana. I’ve also given them a home under the “fansite” directory of this domain. I have the larger versions of the ads stored on my free space of Cox.net. I tend to be highly paranoid about bandwidth usage, even though it’s unlikely that I’ll go over the limits set by my host. I had been using my space at members.aol.com, but that got flaky. I’m not sure if it was my content, or what, but at times the site would only work if I used the hometown.aol.com – which adds a frame of advertising. I don’t care enough to investigate this, so I moved it off of AOL entirely.

That new url: https://artlung.com/fansite/bebe/

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