History of Flash

“The story of Flash as told by its inventor Jonathan Gay” — kind of neat. At my first web job we did lots of Splash work, crazy crazy stuff.

I have the old FutureSplash and Flash icons in my old resume (I’m not linking you to old resumes. Yuck. The brave and/or crazy may visit the archive if you want to see more ancient artlung stuff).

So here are the old icons: FutureSplash:
original FutureSplash application icon

And here’s the Flash 2 icon:
Flash 2 application icon

And if you want to see some of my old Flash stuff, go here. I keep saying that I’m going to get back into Flash. I have (what I think are) great ideas for some animations and interfaces – I suppose I’ll eventually get to them. Lately though, I get more jazzed by wonderful clean sites, with clean, sparse markup and smart css. Meanwhile, Flash MX is the talk of the town.

As usual, so many ideas, so little time.

Let’s do the Google Groups warp again: Here I am 5 years ago talking about having just downloaded FutureSplash. See, this is the stuff that makes me feel like an old web codger.:

Newsgroups: alt.html
From: artl...@earthlink.net (Joe Crawford)
Date: 1997/03/18
Subject: Re: FutureSplash site seeks beta testers
In article <01bc33ca$66647040$LocalH...@vintage.stc.net>, "John Grimm" 
<vint...@stc.net> wrote: 
> Please give this site a shot and tell me what you think. It loads extremely 
> fast. I especially need to know how it looks on Netscape. Someone please 
> respond besides the one kind person who wrote and begged me to tell him how 
> it was done. I am an experienced html programmer. The first two pages are 
> what I need feedback from you on. They are done without html for the most 
> part. Cutting edge technology. Tell me what you think. 

Err... what's the url? I just d/l'd the futuresplash aniomator demo 
recently and like what I see ... I'd be interested in general comments 
about futuresplash/flash animator. 
See ya! 
Joe Crawford  > ArtLung = Artist + Respiratory Therapist < 
              >       Los Angeles, California, USA       < 

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