San Diego Blog Update.

San Diego Bloggers page has been updated. The list is about a month old, some great blogs and journals on there. Updates: several new blogs, visit to check it out. Also, there are now indicators next to the blogs to show whether they include the badge, or a sidebar link. Also moved three links into a “on hiatus, or dead” area. I don’t want to remove people, but when the blog is over, how to handle. Maybe the site needs something like a “hall of fame” area, for older links. I may have some kind of page of anyone who has mentioned and linked to it, though that might be harder to track. Although I do show current referers. I invite folks to provide feedback on San Diego Bloggers – I’m interested in other regionally based blog lists — how other folks are handling (or not) this idea of regional lists. Seems to me that one of the major points of the internet is to collapse distance. Perhaps regionally based bloglists are retrogressive (opposite of progressive). But no matter, it’s cool, so I’m going with it. It’s fun!

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