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April 2002 Fifty-six posts

John Dean…

John Dean, of Watergate and Blind Ambition fame, will reveal the name of Deep Throat in June. Interesting.

Jenny’s New Shirt. Cute!

Jenny’s New Shirt. Cute!


New Apple product – geared to education: Apple eMac

Mmm, SOAPy

Lots of interesting chatter about SOAP, XML, APIs, and Web Services right now:

Google’s Gaffe
(this article asks if Google’s API is overly complicated by SOAP)

(the converse take)

The always interesting Shirky with another take on Web Services/APIs

SOAP vs. REST (Representational State Transfer)

REST and Web Services

Some interesting reading. Though I’m not sure where any of this is going. I think Shirky has the best thing to say about Web Services – which is that it’s an infrastructure, not a business model. Ain’t nobody gonna get rich on this stuff, but it’s an interesting way to get coordination and communication between net entities which otherwise have no direct interaction.

Something from an interview with Harry Shearer, from March 2002:

Something from an interview with Harry Shearer, from March 2002:

Let’s get back to politics. How about Dick Cheney having to hand over documents about his energy task force and policies? A step in the right direction?

If you live long enough, one of the rewards is to get the privilege of seeing each political cliche mouthed in turn by partisans from each side. So that the same people who were desperately demanding that we know chapter and verse about Hillary Clinton’s top-secret healthcare task force are now saying, “No, no, no, confidentiality, it’s an important principle.” And vice versa.

It explains why, or it’s a consequence of the fact that most of our politicians are trained as lawyers. Because that’s exactly what lawyers are trained to do: Take this side, all right, now take this side. That’s what they do. And anybody who thinks that they’re doing anything else is welcome to bid for some Enron stock certificates on eBay, because that is the game.

Lone Wolf and Cub

Lone Wolf and Cub was an amazing comic book. It’s having a resurgence in a small, portable format, from Dark Horse comics. I have some of the original tranalations, done under the brand of First Comics, now out of business, and they’re really good. I’m glad to see Dark Horse revive this comic.

Law & Order: Kaycee Nicole

Kind of interesting to see two of my pastimes intersect — blogging and Law & Order– tonight’s second Law & Order: Criminal Intent was about a teenage figure bearing a striking resemblance to the Kaycee Nicole Affair.

Can’t stop transcribin’:

Can’t stop transcribin’: Re-hab by Stew. If I can’t find it on the net, I gotta put it up. Nyeah.


I’ve posted my transcription of the song The Drug Suite (I Must’ve Been High / I’m Not On a Drug / Arlington Hill) from the latest Stew record. This makes 5 of the 9 (official) tracks. Usually when I get a record I find the lyrics have been posted somewhere and I can just let it slid, but dagnabbit, someone has to be a fan of Stew. The new record is so great. I love how it includes Stew live set banter like this —

“i was thinking – um – don’t you wish there was like another picture of Che Guevara. i’m thinking like, it woulda been like one of him at a birthday party with a bunch of nine-year olds with milk coming out of his nose cause he just laughed a joke somebody told.”

Stew rocks.

I just realized I can do spellcheck in Pine

I just realized I can do spellcheck in Pine, my unix mailer. How I managed to assume Pine could not do spellcheck for 4 years escapes me. I feel like a dunderhead.