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I’ve posted my transcription of the song The Drug Suite (I Must’ve Been High / I’m Not On a Drug / Arlington Hill) from the latest Stew record. This makes 5 of the 9 (official) tracks. Usually when I get a record I find the lyrics have been posted somewhere and I can just let it slid, but dagnabbit, someone has to be a fan of Stew. The new record is so great. I love how it includes Stew live set banter like this —

“i was thinking – um – don’t you wish there was like another picture of Che Guevara. i’m thinking like, it woulda been like one of him at a birthday party with a bunch of nine-year olds with milk coming out of his nose cause he just laughed a joke somebody told.”

Stew rocks.

posted this 21 years ago.

(Saturday April 27th 2002 at 9:18am)

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