Blog Meetup Recap

I’m really glad I went to the Blog Meetup last night. I carpooled with the lovely and talented Tara, which was pretty cool unto itself. The location, Claire de Lune. I like that place – it was the site of the most successful Happy Hour — #6, which is 2 years ago now.

But I digress.

Who was there? Alphabetically, it was Ali, CriticalMAS, Lura, Roman, and Tara. Maybe a small turnout, but isn’t it about quality, not quantity? This is my theory. Heh. The conversation was wide-ranging – from the latest funny stuff in the blogosphere, to relationships, pranks, marriage, dealing with image theft, coffee, and lots of stuff in-between. It was definitely worth going. It was a very cool crew. I’ll go next month too, I think.

So what are others saying about the Meetup? Here’s Lura (who good heavens! makes me blush!) and Roman (and that kid does have some very cool design stuff happening). I added Roman to San Diego Bloggers and Lura has put in a sidebar link, so I moved her up the list.

A fun time was had by all, as they say.

I think I shoulda got a Chai Tea though. But I’m trying to save money, so no beverage was probably a good call.

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