San Diego Bloggers – Changes July – August!

In the past 2 months we’ve had a bunch more San Diego blogs (which is to say any blog in San Diego County – it could be Oceanside or Vista or El Cajon or Lakeside or Solana Beach) added to SDBloggers. It’s been really cool seeing this site evolve. Blogs come, they go. Lots of interesting reading…
07/02/2002 Chris’s Marathon RunningBlog
07/03/2002 the world according to bill
07/03/2002 penguinspeak
07/10/2002 HybridEmotion
07/10/2002 blue monster
07/10/2002 The Indepundit
07/11/2002 {Hairy Toes & Lemonade Rhino}
07/11/2002 a day in the life of Aegan the Elf
07/15/2002 The Hsu Box
07/15/2002 AndrewPhelps
07/25/2002 Odd Man Out
07/25/2002 Under My Skin
07/25/2002 drew
07/28/2002 penniepie online
07/29/2002 Horologium
08/05/2002 A Still Verdictless Life
08/07/2002 in my mind’s zen garden
08/07/2002 Ron’s Ramblings
08/19/2002 One-Trick CyberPony
08/20/2002 katerhealy
08/22/2002 Fish-EYE

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