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  • What’s Up… TODAY-UPDATE

    Today has gone flawlessly so far. Freelance work has gone well. Did some billable time. Got a greenlight on a nice-sized project. Feels nice. I saw Jenny for lunch, and that was great. I like her. She’s nifty. I feel lucky that I don’t feel ill will toward her. She’s a cool person to know….

  • New Christina… Almost

    Christina Aguilera, who I often talk about, has a new single coming soon — Dirrty — I grabbed a copy taped from a station in New York off of Limewire. I think I like it. I can’t account for how the girl dresses, but it’s fun to be a fan of hers. If you want…

  • What’s Up… A Mouthful, But Not More Than I Can Chew

    Hey! Today, I’m really busy. Errands for this early morning. Then one project for this morning. Then lunch out. Then another project this afternoon. Then racquetball this evening. Then a draft of a thing for Time to leap into the day!

  • Nukes? Not That Practically Useful

    But several countries have nuclear weapons, and none has found them very useful in making others do their bidding. Israel hasn’t been able to force its neighbors to accept its treatment of the Palestinians. India hasn’t coerced Pakistan to give up its claims to Kashmir. China hasn’t succeeded in reclaiming Taiwan. — from the Washington…

  • Do you know about 802.11b/Wi-Fi..

    Do you know about 802.11b/Wi-Fi? Do you know about wardriving? Have you heard about WarFlying? Read these. From here in San Diego no less: War Flying by Tracy R. Reed; War Flying by Delta Farce … via

  • Via Chris Ford…

    Via Chris Ford: a really cool gallery Flash app: PhotoSpace.

  • Lyric of the Early Morning:

    Well, I keep on thinkin’ ’bout you,Sister Golden Hair surprise And I just can’t live without you;can’t you see it in my eyes? Now I been one poor correspondent,and I been too, too hard to find But it doesn’t meanyou ain’t been on my mind