this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Yes, I like Christina. No, not everything she does.

    Several people have sent me this photo, or links to this photo. Basically asking me, because I am a fan, what I think. The answer is I think she looks goofy. I am a fan of Ms. Aguilera, but I will not defend her MTV VMA ensemble.

  • Update

    the websandiego site was updated recently, and is undergoing continuous quality improvement. visit, won’t you? among the changes — the resources page has been updated. Also changes to all the headers and footers. If you have a comment feel free to holler at me.

  • Thanks Janece!

    Janece [blog], points out that my FAQ was telling people to go to hire me via my old job. Well sheesh, that’s not true. If you want to hire, just get in touch with me right here through the feedback page. Why Would You Hire Me? There’s no site to small, no task too trivial….

  • Non Entry

    Word of the day yesterday: Kaizen. Too much to blog, so instead I will blog very little. But things are good. The blog will catch up with my life this weekend. I’m tired now.