Deli and Old Friends and Connections

Yesterday I had lunch with some friends from High School.

I don’t keep up with people from High School.

The way I think of my formative schooling years, I have almost no desire to be reminded of how I felt about myself. And more, how I took to heart the judgements of the great mass of kids in school.

I’ve been out of High School for 15 years now. As I type that I’m quite amazed. It’s not that I feel old, it’s just that so much has happened in that time.

So it’s all the more fascinating to me to have friendships that seem long since passed, and have them be renewed. It was a delight, really. More camraderie, and good talk with people I’m comfortable with, can only be a good thing. All that, and food at Milton’s, a great restaurant, deli up in Del Mar.

Another renewed relationship is with a a woman I worked with at UVa, oh, 10 years ago. she contacted me just the other day. This is another blessing of this blog. I of course write about my troubles, and so she wrote me with her own troubles. We spoke on the phone a bit later, and she’s going through marital ickiness. I feel for her.

Here’s where I complain about the fact that things never get to be easy.

But the books I’ve read indicate that life is hard, and this is what strengthens our character. It is the struggle to overcome our own fears and doubts, and the challenges that we have every day, that makes us better people.

I know that I’ve improved myself while under the stress of the past four months.

But it would be hard for me to imagine a life where life was that stressful, all the time. I think people do it though. “Lives of quiet desperation,” it is said.

For me, I can’t stay quiet.

The key is to retain hope, and to share the journey with people on the same trip.

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