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  • RSS/XML Feed Updated

    The RSS Feed, the means by which I can syndicate the content here, has been upgraded. It also does validate.

  • All Kinds of Lab Stuff

    All Kinds of Lab Stuff Articles and code snippets for web geeks: some new, some old, all have been enhanced lately. Bookmark it and tell your friends! » Change Form Input Direction » Auto-Calculator » Dropdown / Select Box Navigation with JavaScript » Onmouseover in a TR tag » Changing the color of a form…

  • Ouch; Christina News (link from Erin). The new record by Christina Aguilera should be good. I’m going to pick it up when cashflow is a bit better. So far I’m actually impressed. Check out for current Xtina (yeah, that’s apparently her nickname) news. And yes, I think her fashion choices stink lately.

  • About Racquetball

    It’s the poor craftsman that blames his tools (or racquet). I’m playing this afternoon.

  • Random San Diego Blogger

    I’m still optimizing the code, but you can check out a Random San Diego Blogger from the San Diego Bloggers Page. Go now!


    Check this: — “a company in San Diego, Pangea Intellectual Properties (PANIP LLC) is suing companies all across the country. They claim that if you use graphical and textural information on a video screen for purposes of making a sale, then you are infringing on their patent. US Patent No 5,576,951. And if you…