I'm working harder, and, you know, you put more value on every minute, you do. I always thought I kind of did that, I really always enjoyed myself. but it's more valuable now. you're reminded to
enjoy every sandwich
and every minute of playing with the guys, and being with the kids
· Warren Zevon[+][+]

About The Things I Don’t Like

I got two pieces of mail about that post. One was from Jenny who had this to say:

How bout a list of things you do like?

eating corn from a can, raquetball, zappa, homemade enchiladas, etc.

But you did forget one thing on your list of stuff you don’t like: sour cream within 50 feet of mexican food.

And my pal Joe T took issue with several of my points. He’s not convincing me, but he never fails to make me laugh.

I must take issue with a number of items on your “don’t like” list…

Winnie the Pooh
Yes, I know you feel it promotes ignorance, but it’s not about being stupid, it’s about innocence and naiveté. There’s nothing wrong with that in today’s world. The problem with Winnie the Pooh now is that it’s been so bastardized by the Disney Company that it no longer resembles that.

Pink Floyd
This I cannot understand. Maybe you mean the post-Roger Waters stuff. That’s the only explanation I can come up with. How can anyone NOT enjoy Dark Side of the Moon with the lights off (except for maybe that one red bulb you kept for parties and dates).

Forcefully dumb TV (Tom Green, Jackass, Man Show, etc.)
I think you are also being too hard on this. I can understand finding Tom Green annoying, but Jackass? These guys are carrying on the traditions of Hal Needham from the 70s. They are the living Hoopers, J.Js, and Bandits. I also like the fact that these shows speak to the testerone side of me that doesn’t think I need to be gentle, understanding, or politically correct all the time.

Candy Corn
Gotta take issue with this one as well. I can understand this if you mean after the 15th kernal that you eat in one sitting. Otherwise, the waxy flavor of candy corn should always be welcome in your house on Halloween.

Paid-off Politicians
I guess you mean you hate all politicians, because they are all paid-off. Even those Green bastards. (You going to tell me that Nader ran Green because he believed in their platform?)

Sometimes I just don’t feel like I know you anymore.


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