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  • Whoa, A Compliment

    Dori of BackupBrain described this blog as “excellent.” Very kind. I think Dori might have had too much brandy in her eggnog, but I’ll kindly thank her for the compliment. I’ll also return the compliment by saying that I’ve been a consistent reader of the very excellent BackupBrain for a long damn time. It’s at…

  • That Lindows Publicity Machine Never Sleeps

    Lindows founder offered Xbox Linux $200,000 prize — Michael Robertson, founder of the Lindows operating system, has offered two prizes of $100,000 to port Linux onto the Xbox, with and without hardware modifications.

  • Interesting Thought on Aerospace/Space Tourism

    Manned spaceflight is a government monopoly – and has been one for over 40 years. The marketplace has never been allowed to exist, and as a result, the dream of private tickets for a ride to orbit has all but died here in the US. Two tickets have been purchased, much to the chagrin of…

  • But not to you.

    This Ryze Blog Social network map is pretty interesting. Well, to me.

  • Soup and Salad and Movie and Health

    So the new year came yesterday. I spent it with Leah. We went and got lunch at a local Souplantation using the gift certificates Leah got for Christmas, and then we went and saw The Two Towers with the movie gift certificates I got for Christmas. We were an hour and a half early for…