Baby Spinach and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

So today started with racquetball with my Aunt. As per usual, we had wonderful games. After that I did some “financial” errands which needed doing, and went well. That was vague, but had to be. The truth is that finances are a bit sketchy for me at the moment, but I have a line on several full time jobs. The further truth, that I’ve been hesitant to reveal here, is that I’m on unemployment. This is rather humiliating, but necessary. I’ve decided that freelance is something I’ve not done as well as I would like. I’m eager to be “the web expert” somewhere – either the sole web person, or as part of a team. Luckily, I do have a line on several gigs.

I like that word, “gig” — it makes me feel like a musician.

I think I was trying to change the subject there. I feel a bit down about the job thing. My Mother points out to me that the best will happen, and she is praying for me. My family here in town also have been amazingly supportive. They ask how I am, if I need help. I appreciate their concern, and know they are a safety net if things get too troublesome. As it is I’m trying to go it alone — to feel what it feels like to be broke — I think I view it as a disincentive to ever be broke again. And oh, the State of California is certainly helping as well.

Tonight I had dinner with Leah. I made these little steaks Erin had, and L. made baked potatoes, and we had some green beans and a little salad. After I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They turned out well. It’s great to “break bread” with someone you care about.

About Leah: I mentioned that I’ve met some of Leah’s brothers and sisters. Apparently one of her brothers described meeting me to the rest of the family — and said I was a “real person.” I was not sure how to take that, but Leah explained that it means I’m not “fake” and don’t put on airs. So I’m accepting it as a compliment.

Sunday will be a lazy day — a take-it-easy day with Leah — and possibly doing some laundry.

Monday I have to schedule an interview for later in the week. I’m excited, it seems like a good fit for me. That said, if you want to hire me please take a look at Mr. Resume. And I have other important errands as well on Monday. I’m going to help another Aunt and my cousin get their home network working. I’ll be doing this with my Uncle. That should be fun.

I’m going to leave this with a bit of nuttiness — the lyrics to a They Might Be Giants — “song”… called “Kitten Intro”

There’s something coming.
There’s a new car on the horizon.
It’s coming very slowly.
It makes a noise.
It has kittens painted all over it.
With a new kind of fur.
Cleaner, but with a unique smell.
Yet, one of these kittens is not prepared to have a good time.
It stands alone.
Away from the crowd.
It’s your kind of kitten.
Now the time has come to climb into that car and to shake the paw of destiny.

… and … o n w a r d.

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