A Small L.A. Trip: Part 1: From San Diego to Los Angeles

Go read the whole giant thing now: Part 1

MacOS X Machine Generated Summary: Theoretically, because I have a unix box here (this goofy, lima bean shaped computer holds 30 years of unix history in its heart of hearts) I could set a cron job to run every second or half second to try and complete a mission.

…I can’t tell if they have an AP. But many months back I went to a presentation there given by the folks who took over Ricochet, local company NetHere .

…But we (my mother and I) would take train to come visit my Grandparents (at the time, all were still alive) in San Diego.

…There is a restaurant scene and a bomb goes off, and the people who are not actually bombed, that is, dismembered and injured by the bomb, keep dining.

…Maybe the whole of the world has been living with the reality of terror for a long time.

…I start to feel very emasculated when I think about not having a car. But really I can do without for a while. I’ve gone without before, and I suppose it works out perfectly that I have a job I can get to only using mass-transit.

…The cute (well, I assume they’re cute, I’ve not seen them from the front) Japanese girls drop out of Japanese and into English to commiserate with her.

…But I think I mean something different about this “cute couple” than I meant before about “cute Japanese girls.”

…Maybe they’re not mercantilists in Florence a few hundred years ago, but there are always patrons.

Go read the whole giant thing now: Part 1

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