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Telescreen = EyeToy

I for one welcome our cute branded gaming Big Brothertm!

Sony EyeToy = 1984 Telescreen

I’m in the IMDB

Well, for appearing in Up From The Depths, and submitting myself, I got into IMDB: listing: Joe Crawford (I). But the other movie listed on that page is not me. I was just an extra, and I think I submitted myself about a year ago.

IMDB stands for Internet Movie Database It’s the web’s greatest database of movie information.

Thanks to MAS for pointing me to this!

Update 2020: Originally the url was http://us.imdb.com/Name?Crawford,+Joe+(I) but that stopped working at some point. I’ve updated the url.

Movies You’d Think Would Not Exist

There’s a movie about indie cartoonist Harvey Pekar called ‘American Splendor’ and there’s a movie about They Might Be Giants called ‘Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns).’

In other news, today was a mild day. I missed Leah though. But it sounds like she’s having fun with her family and kids.

Archaeology and a tiny mural

me painting a plane on the wall of my buddy's child's wall

This is me, last May, visiting my buddy Vince in Virginia. Impromptu he asked me to do a mural of a plane on his son’s wall (to accompany the existing clouds). I demurred at first. But in the end I was able to improvise something good. Note the chin. This picture is approximately 70 pounds ago.

Today I’m doing spring cleaning. Can you tell?

Killer Notebook

Savoir-Faire makes this great, small notebook that’s very small, about the size of a wallet or a box of cigarettes. I had bought one very early last year.

I never really used it until Jennifer left, and I had need to keep phone numbers and random information as things were changing rapidly for me. It’s been super-handy, and I’m on my 3rd one now. I have a fourth ready to go when I use this one up. I find it nice to be able to keep ephemera, books I want to check out, movie ideas, “to-do” lists and such in it.

I sometimes joke that it’s “my palmpilot” because I use it in a very PIM way. I like that I don’t need batteries for it, and it fits in my pocket nicely.

I had originally purchased it at The Art Store in Little Italy, which is a great store as well.

Why am I posting this? Mostly because I want to be able to remember where I got this if I want another one some day. There aren’t many notebooks with the right size and quality out there. And cheap too. Only 4 bucks and it has held up well to being sat on by me — so that tells you they’re good!

It’s a beautiful day. I started it with racquetball. Now doing some cleaning. This afternoon I’m going to be looking at rentals. Time to move. Time to see what the next living space will be.

I’m out

Got the call. She’s made it where she needs to be. I’m sleepy now. G’nite!

New Words

Well, not new. Actually it’s from last August. Doing some spring cleaning right now. Leah is on a road trip to see family with her kids. A long drive that’s not through. And I’m waiting for the “I got in fine” phone call.

In the interim, I’m doing the archeology thing: New poem in wordsnever enough.

lyrics never more apropos in my lifetime

you make me shiver
i feel so tender
we make a pretty good team
don’t get exhausted
i’ll do some driving
you oughta get you some sleep
get your instructions
follow directions,
then you should change your address
maybe tomorrow
maybe the next day,
whatever you think is best
burned all my notebooks
what good are notebooks?
they won’t help me survive
my chest is aching
burns like a furnace,
the burning keeps me alive
try to stay healthy
physical fitness,
don’t want to catch no disease
try to be careful
don’t take no chances
you better watch what you say

more obscure lyrics to Talking Heads’ Life During Wartime

Spinhead is back

Back and blogging. I wish Spinhead only the best, as he’s having a not great year. Why? Marital strife. Go go gadget go!

Am I RIAA Or Not

The RIAA Radar Bookmarklet

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