The Middle East Sucks

Kynn replies to Steve E’s comments

I’ll not be the pivot point for this discussion anymore. It’s simply not that interesting to me to choose sides or righteousness on the Middle Eastern conflict. It’s lots of innocents surrounded by opportunists, idiots, suicidal manipulators. And that’s both sides. That anyone sees a side worth supporting astonishes me.

Thanks for the interest. I’ll keep posting my own thoughts. But I’ll not post more comments from readers. There are no comments on this blog for a reason. It’s not a public forum for debate. There are far better fora for that. I’ll add that blogs which espouse a certain point of view are often less interesting than fora which instead try to find common ground among divergent opinions.

Lest you think I’m too much a politician, or that I shy away from strong opinion, here’s a rerun of a link to PhilG’s essay on Isreal.

Though recent events in the Middle East certainly are hopeful. Who would believe a commitment to a Palestinian state on the part of the Isreali leadership?

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