Killer Notebook

Savoir-Faire makes this great, small notebook that’s very small, about the size of a wallet or a box of cigarettes. I had bought one very early last year.

I never really used it until Jennifer left, and I had need to keep phone numbers and random information as things were changing rapidly for me. It’s been super-handy, and I’m on my 3rd one now. I have a fourth ready to go when I use this one up. I find it nice to be able to keep ephemera, books I want to check out, movie ideas, “to-do” lists and such in it.

I sometimes joke that it’s “my palmpilot” because I use it in a very PIM way. I like that I don’t need batteries for it, and it fits in my pocket nicely.

I had originally purchased it at The Art Store in Little Italy, which is a great store as well.

Why am I posting this? Mostly because I want to be able to remember where I got this if I want another one some day. There aren’t many notebooks with the right size and quality out there. And cheap too. Only 4 bucks and it has held up well to being sat on by me — so that tells you they’re good!

It’s a beautiful day. I started it with racquetball. Now doing some cleaning. This afternoon I’m going to be looking at rentals. Time to move. Time to see what the next living space will be.

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