Life is Real


Last year the sh*t hit the fan in my life.

My wife left me and everything turned inside-out and backwards and it all hurt like hell.

(Everything is healing nicely, thank you)

So when all that happened last year, something interesting happened. I kept blogging. I said:

I’m at a loss right now as to why I am sharing any of this here. I have not as of yet told my friends. Why make this most sensitive of topics available to anyone who cares to read it? The plain answer is that it feels honest to do so. I’ve been keeping this journal for over a year now, and this is something so earth-shattering that I can’t not put it in here.

That was May 5, 2002.

So I shared myself on the web. Real emtional stuff. I met new people, forged new relationships, and learned a great deal from it. The commiseration of many people meant a lot to me.

So I see my man Chuck of Howling Point (who has been in the ol SanDiegoBloggers listing for a while), he has gotten sick, as in he has cancer.

I feel some surprise. I feel like, hey, man, this is so serious, don’t put this online. Don’t waste energy blogging, save it for the therapy.

Then I laugh at myself a half-a-second later and think, of course, it’s exactly what you have to do. Express yourself. Put it all online. Be yourself. Share yourself. The net has a pretty big shoulder, man, and if you even get a few people commiserating with you — maybe this person knows a good doctor. Maybe this person has good ideas for alternative therapies. Maybe another has suggestions about nutrition. And more — there are probably folks who have gotten that very disease and can tell you there experience. I wish Chuck the best, and I’ll be cheering for you. Yeah, I’m an agnostic, and at times like these I wish I could let loose with an honest may God be with you. But I can’t. Instead I’ll preach a gospel of self-knowledge, and positivity. Attitude is so important in facing anything out there. Kick ASS! is the phrase I like best. Whatever challenge you have before you — go with gusto and find the strength inside you and kick that challenges’ ass!

So Chuck, hang in there, and KICK ASS!

And, dear readers, do you know anything about cancer? Have experiences that may be worthwhile? Read his blog, and perhaps you’ll have the notion to express yourself to him.

Peace to you all.

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