this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Encoding:

    I have a lot of: They Might Be Giants, Matthew Sweet, New Order (and all related: Joy Division / Electronic / The Other Two / Revenge / Monaco), Zappa (of course), Christina Aguilera, Steely Dan, Roxy Music + Bryan Ferry, Tori Amos. More stuff done. Feeling less surly. Time for bed.

  • Tired/Alright/Onward

    It’s only the 6th and I’m already tired of this Month. But tonight I’m catching up on things I’ve been behind on. Site corrections. Correspondence. The whole nine. Right now I could use some serenity. But I know it’s gonna be alright. Onward.

  • Pop Gun War

    Tuesday I started and finished (on the bus) reading something I bought back at comic-con this year: Pop Gun War Trade Paperback. I am left a little mystified by it, but it was moving. It is part allegory, part simple story, with really engaging and whimsical art. I liked it a great deal. Check it…

  • Hedgehog@Molokini

    Nifty thing to to at night.

  • That guy IS a crank

    Google Watch Watch – Who watches the watchmen, indeed.

  • I’ll buy this next month

    The Lullabies record is now available for purchase. Additional details (bios, sound clips, etc.) can be found at: (that band includes stew) And be sure to check stew’s interesting journal, stewsez And have you visited my stew/negro problem lyrics and links page? Yes, as a matter of fact I do think stew is a…