artlung. fall 2003. blessings abound.

Weekend Unique

Took off early Friday
Packed up the truck
Drove up north
Talking Heads on CD
Slowgoing, but good company
Made it there in a few hours
Picked up kids
Met Leah’s parents
Hung out till sleep
Morning kid’s football game
Got there too early
Breakfast at Denny’s with Leah’s parents and kids
Back to the football game to deliver a player
Game was great
Talked a lot to Leah’s Mom
Got lots of sun (and Leah a little sunburnt)
Went to a baptism
(Mormon Baptism)
Extraordinary event
Back to the home of Leah’s ex
Trepidatious but okay
Left there and got dinner
Four Seasons store a time warp
(Why did they have magazines from 2002?)
Back for the kids
Othello and Jungle Book
Breakfast continental
Dropped off the kids
Headed back south
Basket preparation from Target
Leah has skills
Visited Los Angeles Cathedral
Explained some Catholic Doctrine
Admired the extraordinary Cathedral
More heading south
Visted friend Chris, and his wife and daughter and new son
Wonderful talk and company
His daughter has grown so much in the past few years!
Lunch at Heroes
Young Zachary is remarkable
More driving south
Making good time
Some groceries at Whole Foods
Home Home / Good to be home
Juicing like crazy
Unpacking and relaxing
Wonderful talk, cathartic talk
What a good life
What a lucky life.

posted this 20 years ago.

(Monday September 29th 2003 at 6:56am)

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