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San Diego Bloggers Fallout

So the fallout from the fires continues. I went to work today but most of the city had the day off.

Downtown San Diego was eerie. Upside: I could park free anywhere because parking enforcement had the day off. I worked till 1, took lunch, and when I got back there was a memo from building management that they could not guarantee that ventilation would be okay. I left shortly after that.There’s a light snowfall of ash, still and all day. I took photos which I posted. Leah had the day off too. I was glad to come home to her. We took it easy, conserving water and energy as the Mayor has asked us to do to maintain power and water pressure. Thousands remain without power. Many in outlying areas do not have potable water. It’s a catastrophe. The worse news is that they don’t really hope to have the fires under control until November 4th, next Tuesday. Until then we really are still in a state of emergency. My heart and thoughts go out to those who have lost life and property in this fire. And again, it’s not over yet.

And now, the blog news:

Emese has a great list of blogs with photos of the fire and aftermath.

I’ve also gotten a bit of traffic to my San Diego Bloggers site today as a result of people seeking pictures and news. I went through tonight and updated the listing, trimming away dormant or dead blogs as best I could. I also made a list of the blogs mentioning the fire in some form or another. Also, Doc Searls and Electric Bugaloo linked to me. And google searches are a big factor.

I’m not sure there is any better indication that the internet and personal publishing is powerful than the news encapsulated in the blogs below. Personal accounts and thoughts of the folks here in San Diego feeling the effects first hand. It’s amazing how many people were affected by this fire.

Notable to me is that the San Diego Union-Tribune is using a bloggish format for part of their fire coverage. Note “blog” in the url.

And now, blogs mentioning the fires here in San Diego, in utterly random order: (links open in new windows)

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  10. CriticalMAS
  12. Jon Sullivan
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  14. anachronic
  15. pleonasm
  16. photote: emese’s blog
  17. sd homies
  18. in my mind’s zen garden
  20. Monkeys In My Pants
  22. Sector 7-G
  23. A little bit bad
  24. a jaunty little blog
  25. this.that.the.other.thing
  26. The Daily Strick
  27. dancing at
  28. Lago at errant dot org
  29. Voz37’s Journal
  32. Caleb’s Blog
  33. Joanie DaGoddess
  34. electric bugaloo
  35. gleek words
  36. lisa violet’s diary
  37. a photogeek’s weblog
  38. Chronicle Corvidae
  39. Beware the Edge
  40. San Diego Has It
  41. San Diego Blog
  42. Une rondelle de saucisson et l’addition
  43. Delirity
  44. San Diego Poetry Guild
  45. Bill’s Bloggy Goodness
  46. ArtLung
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