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  • Bruce Sterling ArtLung Timeline

    1988: I attend a reading by William Gibson for Mona Lisa Overdrive. He recommends Bruce Sterling’s Islands In The Net as the work of a guy who “actually thinks about this stuff” [scene missing]… 1996: I mention with a laundry list 1998: I put him on my links page 1999: Viridian Couture Contest 1999: Heat…

  • this weekend: ray@night; baptism of zachary

    ray@night: info on ray@night review from leah from a few months ago definitions of baptism on the internet So I’m going to be a Godfather. Or is it godfather? I never considered either as a possible title for me.

  • iTunes, meet Jesus; Latest Mix CD for the truck

    Songs from my music library containing the word “jesus” in the title… Chocolate Jesus ………….. Tom Waits Jesus Built My Hotrod …….. Ministry Jesus Gonna Be Here ………. Tom Waits Jesus In The Summertime …… Randy Newman Jesus Is Just Alright …….. The Doobie Brothers Jesus The Missing Years …… John Prine Jesus Thinks You’re…

  • Bruce Sterling, Blogging Again

    Itinerant mendicant journalist, soothsayer, and storyteller Bruce Sterling is back blogging at Beyond the Beyond, for Wired magazine.