2. The first day of the week, Sunday, observed as the day of rest and worship by most Christians.

Rest, worship, and contemplation, I hope. In some religions one does no work. From

On Shabbat, the Jew withdraws from the performance of “Melachah.” All categories of “Melachah” represent purposeful, creative interactions with nature. In the case of Man, this refers to his interaction with his environment, whereby he exerts mastery and control over nature, as in fact he was commanded to do by G-d. Our purpose in this is to express our belief and to testify that G-d is the Creator of the Universe, and is the source, on an ongoing basis, of all creative forces within it.

Note in the text that there is a specific reference to this word “God”, but the middle letter is masked. Rather as one would mask a word that is odious. But instead, this masking is intended to be one of reverence and respect. The distinction is interesting to me.

Once again I attended mass this Sunday. I have no idea where this is leading me, but it feels right, and produces the kind of feelings of relief, unease, and humility that I enjoy. I remain a Freethinker, and I have no idea where the capital “T” Truth lies with regard to spirituality, but retracing the steps I took when I was younger feels right for now.

The church I attended today is in my neighborhood, predominantly Spanish. So today I’m looking and reviewing these: Spanish Christian Prayers of the Rosary. At one time I actually knew several prayers of the Catholic Church in Spanish.

Lately, I’m rusty.

So, time passes. But man, I really like this phrase from The Shabbat is that one day out of seven that was charged with holiness, by the holy Creator of time.

The non-specificity of that phrase: “the holy Creator of time” is really interesting to me. “Creator” is a much better and less loaded phrase than “God” or “god” or “G-d” — whose invocation is so ubiquitous as to be uttered all the time. “Oh my god” is so common a phrase, and in repetition, perhaps the meaning, and interpretability of the phrase, and the word, begins to mean nothing.

This journey continues.

The crew, which is to say Leah, her kids, and me, are headed to the swap meet today: some commerce. We’re also going to do laundry: work. These are in violation of the Sabbath by some interpretations. However, there are times when the constraints of time and our own wants alter the timing of things.

Let me be clear, I’m not feeling “guilt” for a violation of what should be the “holiness” of this day, just pondering the requirement that we take a day to reflect, and do nothing else on that day.

It seems an impracticality, given the structure of the world I live in.

My folks and sister and her boyfriend left yesterday for back East. It was wonderful to have them visiting. Joyous even. I miss them already. However (ha!) the impracticalities of time and space make it hard for me to see them more than a few days a year.


Today feels like a good day.


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