Cat, Warshed

So Bas got a little stinky, Leah let me know. So, I washed him! He was amenable to the process, and now smells of that wacky Dr Bronner’s Eucalyptus Castile Soap. He did not make a sound the whole time, but he was trying to leave the whole time. Luckily I know all about cat wrasslin’.

Never heard of Dr. Bronner Soap? It’s awesome stuff – all natural — and the bottle packaging is covered in aphorisms such as:

Who else but God gave man this sensuous passion, Love that can spark mere dust to life! Beauty in our Eternal Father’s fashion! Ecstasy far above Earthly greediness & strife! Poetry, uniting All One, brave, all life! Who else but God can make Love last 1 trillion years of sweet eternities! For when conquered after years of toil, sweat, blood, Love can strike like greased lightning sent by God! To spark mere dust to intense blazing fire & create the unity of God’s spaceship Earth, as all mankind desire! Bronner’s Almond Soap quart poem teaches ‘How to Love’ uniting All-One above!

Now that is something to love about troubled California — the crazy desperate joyous goofy positivity of Dr Bronner’s of Escondido, California.

And the cat smells great!

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