this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • GPG are Go!

    The instructions here for getting GPG working on Mac OS X are EXCELLENT! Configuring GnuPG (Mac OS X). So slick and so useful when one needs to communicate securely.

  • William Gibson Interview

    In the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Squinting at the present”: “I remember [in the early ’80s] seeing posters for the small, semi-portable version of the Apple IIc,” he says. “Quite a lot of what I subsequently imagined in my early science fiction simply came from seeing that ad in a bus stop. I didn’t know anything about…

  • Recent Mix CD Made

    01 – Voltes V Opening Theme … Voltes V 02 – I am Jullandar Shere … Cornershop 03 – Serenata Nortena … Los Lobos 04 – California … Mylène Farmer 05 – Falsas Esperanzas … Christina Aguilera 06 – I Zimbra … Talking Heads 07 – 99 Luftballons … Nena 08 – Cielito Lindo ……