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  • More Atom

    San Diego Bloggers. now has its own Atom Feed. (Don’t click that unless you have an Atom Enabled newsreader. It will only confuse you).

  • Passion of the Christ Merchandising; Thoughts without yet having seen the film

    At you can get products tied into the film. Including a Crucifixion Nail Pendant. I have not seen the film yet. By all accounts it is bloody and violent and lacking almost entirely of the “good bits” of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. A movie about Jesus, it strikes me, ought to showcase…

  • Christmasness

    Something from the editorial floor of, a would-be Christmas letter from 2003 that never was. I was fixin’ to delete it, then I thought, why not blog it! So here it is… Who won’t go up on the housetop click, click, click or down thru’ the chimney? It’s good Saint Nick if he has…

  • IBM launches ¡TradúceloAhora! Automatic Translation Project across the United States

    I maybe could use some of this in my Spanish class… Hispanics with access to English content on the World Wide Web will soon have access to richer, higher quality information through a new initiative announced today by IBM. Working in close partnership with Hispanic non-profit organizations in major urban centers across the country, IBM…

  • Panther and wget

    The version on — wget 1.8.1 – works fine on Panther. wget and curl are my favorite unix utilities.

  • You can watch Frontline..

    online … or at least some of them.

  • What Level Unix Geek Are You?

    I’m a dog: knowledgeable user. Check for yourself: Hackles Cartoon Archive

  • 9 Days Away: March Mingle

    March Mingle will be on the 10th. It should be great. More at We’d like to make this a technology agnostic event that brings together developers of all kinds, a sort of annual “Technology Woodstock” or “Ultimate Geek Happy Hour” for San Diego. To this end, we have gathered together a few sponsors and…

  • San Diego Bloggers for February 2004

    I added antry for Atom in the database for and did some semi-automated autodiscovery of Atom and RSS feeds. That was pretty fun. Additionally, there are some interesting new sites in this list. Commentary, a family site, some moblogs, including one for the San Diego Chargers. Good stuff. So here they are San Diego…