this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Ryze San Diego
    The previous San Diego Ryze site I pointed out is not the *good* one. Anita C-W pointed out this: I joined.
  • The Few, The Proud, The Regional, The Geeky T-Shirts on CafePress
  • Site Changes; March Mingle Photos
    I’ve been tweaking the website — still not happy with it, but it is much cleaner html — in fact all the main pages are XHTML. I welcome comment on the content, particularly if people have ideas for making the site more explicable to strangers. Other fun widgets added: a favicon.ico file, geourl, more…
  • San Diego Ryze?
    Ryze business networking: San Diego. I heard great things about the last Ryze San Diego networking event. Anyone care to get one of these going again?
  • Don’t Worry About The Government
    Notes from the (Legal) Underground: Federal Judge Sways to Rhythm of Talking Heads… a judge uses Talking Heads lyrics extensively in a decision.
  • Web Hosting Resource; Redesign
    I’m coming to appreciate Web Host Industry Review as part of my role as Evangelist for LAMP Host. And speaking of which, the redesign of is coming along nicely. Major overhaul and rewrite. drop me a line if you want to be notified when the redesign goes live.