Spring 2004 San Diego California USA (My Big Head)ArtLung

Snippets from the last two weeks

Helping make Easter baskets which included saltwater taffy and Botan rice candy.

Bodysurfing the day before Easter in the cold waters of the Coronado strand.

Drinking Chai and checking RSS feeds at Influx.

Getting an 80 on my most recent Statistics test. Disappointment ensues, but I think my A is still secure.

Doing a presentation on “My ideal house” in my Spanish class.

Visiting my high school (Uni ’87) to attend an alumni business mixer.

Dyeing Easter eggs in shifts with Leah and her kids.

Learning about life with Leah.

Getting interviewed by a freelance reporter for a possible piece on blogs for a local tabloid.

Visiting the local network facility Castle Access with another local hosting company. Great fun, that.

Lunch with an ex-boss and friend. Discovering the great bookstore next to the Pannikin La Jolla. Lox and Bagels were superb for lunch.

Accidentally calling my parents–and waking them–in the middle of the night with my cell phone in my pocket while driving.

Mass at St. Joseph’s on Easter with Leah and the kids.

Making some sales for LAMP Host. Learning it’s hard work to do sales.

Building the Semidaily Links content management app in an hour.

Learning more about my limitations.

Learning to work with them.

Learning again to ask for help when I need it.

Growing, evolving, learning.

Onward, I say.

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What else did he post in April 2004?

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