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Repurposing a message I sent to the “staff” of San Diego Blog.

Hi-De-Ho Neighbors.

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For the past month, I’ve made it a goal to have *at least* one post a day on San Diego Blog. Something interesting, something cool, a photo — SOMETHING. I’d really love it if you all could take a peruse back through the archives: and and take a look and tell me what was cool, what was lame — and if you have any suggestions for stories. I’m doing this all for no money at this point — and I can see that maintaining a [newspaper|magazine|tv show] is real work. But it’s nice to know that with WordPress when I have a run of good ideas I can “post them forward” into the future. So, for example, for the next few days I already have posts ready to go.

I know it seems like I’m the only one posting — but that does not have to be the only state of affairs. You’re all welcome to post about San Diego here!

Actually, not everyone is welcome. There are many link spammers and idiots who would love to post, but really I want people who care about San Diego, and have something to say.

So — I guess I’m again begging your indulgence for feedback and stories that should be covered. Some stories bouncing around my noggin that are not really stories yet are:

  • was there a plan to blow up the strand if the coronado bridge was blown up — to allow egress of navy ships?
  • history of the giant dipper roller coaster (it was dormant for YEARS!)
  • the san ysidro mcDonald’s shooting
  • the dredging of “False Bay” to make “Mission Bay”
  • famous San Diego Bands
  • radio stations that used to exist (Mighty 690, for example) in San Diego
  • Unarius Society — cable access nutballs for years
  • history of the PSA skytower at sea world and the lights (they didn’t always keep those lights on) — maybe a history of sea world (like –what was it like on opening day?)
  • great record stores in San Diego (Lou’s, Blue Meanie, Off The Record, etc)
  • famous people who got their starts in San Diego (e.g.: Regis Philbin, Whoopi Goldberg, Racquel Welch, Tom Waits)
  • ____________________________ <- insert your idea here!

If any of you would like to tackle any of these things, I’d really dig it. If you just have factlets or links that are like the germs of a story, I’d dig that too.

Thanks for listening to me brainstorm! I appreciate your time.

Best, Joe

Now, I intended this only to be for the writers — particularly the story ideas, and it’s probably not too bright to be sharing my “behind the curtain” thoughts. But really, why not? Anyone who wanted to write about San Diego could have all these ideas. And if someone local writes about them, I can just point to *them* from San Diego Blog.

When I look at pageviews for the site it’s not that impressive (under 300 pageviews a day) — still that’s 5 pageviews an hour. This measure of “pageviews” is analgous to “readership” or “circulation” — but it’s building. And as I build in more utility and interest by providing interesting stories, people will come back.

It’s late, and I am full of ideas, but now, I’m tired.

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