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Blogging Volume 2 Really Begins Now

The ArtLung Blog, which debuted in March 2001, has made a big technology shift today. I expect there will be errors and bugs in these first few days and I check over content to make sure things work.

I love Blogger, and will continue to use it for some purposes. But I’ve migrated into the open source PHP/MySQL solution WordPress. I’ve been so happy with it over at San Diego Blog, I felt it was time to do it here.

One of the things this enables me to do is to have comments on the site. I’ve always been hesitant to allow public comments — and I’m still not convinced it’s such a hot idea. But I quite like the idea of using trackback to conversate with other blogs. I also think sometimes comments allow the conversation to do wonderful, unexpected things.

So, we’ll see how it shakes out. Welcome to the new world of ArtLung Blog.


posted this 18 years ago.
What else did he post in August 2004?

(Monday August 9th 2004 at 11:41pm)

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“So, uh, the error was by design.”

Doesnt that make it a “feature”?

Actually, that’s by design Elfur. My older posts “looked” like they had titles, and my old RSS and Atom feeds had a hacked together title — but it was not consistent.

When I imported the data, I left the title field blank — using the blogger post id as the title. So, uh, the error was by design. 🙂

Congrats on new backend, may I use this opportunity to point to you a flaw of some sort in the xml feed it creates …
This feed is published on my site, in the lower right corner and is filled with ‘untitled posts’ with *huge* id numbers following.

Just a minor glitch, I know 😉

cheers from far up in the north (although, the weather today is trying to fool us all … high 20°C all around the country)


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