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La Escuela

It’s been quite a week. School and work and work and school. And also the SDOSS meeting about how Sign On San Diego uses open source.

I’m happy but tired. I’m way behind on a few things, and just have not found the times to make things right. In some areas, things are great, but I dropped the ball on a few things too.

But classes are good. C++ looks like a worthy class. I’m going to try and dual program – using Visual Studio .NET in the labs at school, and also XCode here on my Macs. I also want to experiment with plain old gcc.

Leah and I are taking a class together! That’s what we did last night, before getting some much needed groceries. The class is Technical Writing, and it is a new one for City College, and it looks pretty good. I think having a bit of formal training in technical writing is going to be helpful for both of us. Wherever she works, she ends up being tasked to write things – descriptions and marketing materials. And it’s the same for me — proposals, testing plans, documentation — these are all part of my supposed skillset. I suppose I just want to learn to do it better.

The new work situation is working out well. I really like working part time as a concept. I love the concept that I am spending most of my time doing schoolwork, and secondarily doing paying work. They want me for more hours for the next few weeks — and I’m going to see what I can do.

One bad thing, the schedule has been tight — so Leah and I have not hit counseling in a two weeks — we had a scheduling snafu last week, and there was simply no time this week. :-\ But we hope to get there next week.

Things seem to be on track.

Okay, onward.

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and please don’t say they are teaching “Managed C++”, please god, no.

#include <iostream>

int main()
cout << “Bite My Riggs” << endl;

g++ -Wall -o bmr bmr.cpp</iostream>

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