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Panorama City Is The Place To Be And I Say That Unironically2004Sep25

So today is coming to a close. Started out with a trip to the dump! Then a drive up to see a football game featuring two of Leah’s kids. Then lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (Cobb Salad). We then saw Mr. 3000 (not bad) and made our way home. Herculean driving of the 170 miles (that’s just one way) by Leah.

So tired. Tomorrow: spring cleaning in the cabinets, and then Stew!

Also, C++ homework and Spanish homework. Oh, and a wee bit of freelance. I have some invoices to… er… invoice.


Oh yeah, Joelle put up a photo of Leah and I at Rock The Walk. We look about as good as could be expected having had a long day and being out of shape white people. 🙂 We wish her well in her endeavor to do the AIDS Walk thing tomorrow morning!

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You actually GOT IN to the Cheesecake Factory? Every time we go past one, it looks like there’s a bigger line than for an Avril Lavigne concert.

we had to wait for at least 45 minutes. thank goodness there were overpriced stores to shop at in the meantime.

Wotta relief!

Did you go to the Cheesecake Factory in Fashion Valley. We were there yesterday evening. Stopped at the Apple Store to learn they were already sold out of cases for the iPod 4G. Had dinner at Pizzeria Uno–a/k/a/ “The Carbs ‘N Fat Factory.” Waddled home.

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