Married & Moving & Seeking Employment:January 2005

BK: My New Mobile Office

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This is just barely on-topic.

So these days of still-not-moved in, waiting for my new abode to start, waiting for a new gig to happen, turns out I’ve discovered my new mobile office. It’s not Starbucks (t-mobile doesn’t offer reasonable month-to-month plans), but rather, it’s Burger King. How’d I find out about it? Well, I was doing a little wardriving and noted an AP with the pattern where those “N”‘s are numbers (I guess the chain number (primary key)).

Free wireless. I think it’s 802.11b (how can I tell that, anyway?) might be 802.11g.

Today I’ve used two burger kings to do planning, some freelance, and the like all in the comfort of one Burger King on Wilshire and another on Ventura Blvd in Encino.

This is not the cyberpunk world I envisioned, but instant messaging via a global telecommunications network from a fast-food joint is about as close to the future envisioned by Messrs. Bruce Sterling and William Gibson as I could expect.

I love that they did the whole subservientchicken website too. BK is definitely positioning themselves for the cyberpunk set.

And that’s my dispatch from 20 minutes into the future.


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