this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Incredulousness at Email Non-spam confirm tools
    I get furious at these things. If you use a service like this, and you send *me* an email, and expect me to reply, you’re not getting a reply from me. Don’t *email* me and then expect me to put up with your stupid filters. Andre, I’m not getting your email. Bummer dude! Hello this…
  • Leah Yogurt Preferences
    _from Leah, via IM_ note: i think it’s safe to say that leah only likes fruit yogurts. like with berries or whatever. but not flavored yogurt with lime, pina colada or lemon.
  • Oatmeal!
    Oatmeal!, eh? Adding the exclamation point makes it sound like a broadway musical. The stage hit… Oatmeal! — yeah, that’s the ticket. Anyway. Drowsy morning here. I made oatmeal for Leah and myself. She drank green tea, I had mint cocoa. Checking on some online forums, some email, things are good. Turned on the TV…