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Good Day

Leah came home (Yay!)

Had my first class. It’s not so much Visual Basic as a Visual Basic.NET course, which is fine by me. .NET is something I’ve managed to learn nothing of, so this should be fun.

The instructor warned us that it’s packing into the summer session of 7 weeks what would normally be a 16 week course. He warned us to be ready, and if that doesn’t sound like something we can do, now’s the time to bug out.

Bring it on baby.


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What else did he post in June 2005?

(Tuesday June 21st 2005 at 9:48pm)

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Visual Basic??? What about the C#, baby!

We’re doing to be using Visual Basic.NET 2003 Standard Edition in the lab, and for development.

I’m guessing we would not be working on anything cutting edge, so Alpha, Beta, or Preview Release stuff seems unlikely.

That said, I think we’ll be using things in the standard libraries, nothing too fancy. We were told that the class would be geared toward non-programming-experienced and experienced students alike.

Also, is it VB.NET 1.0 or 2.0? (2.0 won’t officially be out ’til near the end of 2005.)

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