Married,moved,and getting it together.


Some people I share the initials “J.C” with. I had this on paper from over 10 years ago. I’m throwing out the list, and blogging it:

  1. Jack Cade
  2. Jack Cole
  3. Jacques-Yves Cousteau
  4. James Chadwick
  5. James Cook
  6. James Crichton
  7. James Cabell
  8. Jesus Christ
  9. John Cabot
  10. John Calvin
  11. John Carver
  12. John Cheever
  13. John Colet
  14. John Chapman aka “Johnny Appleseed”
  15. Johnny Cochran
  16. Joseph Cannon
  17. Joseph Conrad
  18. Julius Ceasar

*And two Cee-Jays:*

  1. Calamity Jane
  2. Cracker Jack

More about the Jaycees aka “United States Junior Chamber”

This is an utterly useless post. I hope you enjoyed it.

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