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Carpool Lane Gate Barrier, 15 Freeway, 1988

Carpool Lane Gate Barrier, 15 Freeway, 1988

After High School and before moving to Virginia, there were a few times I went and visited my friend Chris at Cal State Fullerton. This drawing was done from memory of whizzing by it on the 15 Freeway on the way to Fullerton. Why I took the 15 I don’t remember, I don’t think of it as that much faster than the 5, but I’m sure I had my reasons.

There’s something about discrete objects, and drawing them, that I enjoy. Not people, or living things, but objects.

I did take a drafting class in 1988, but it was rudimentary, and all pencil! Drawing objects that I saw was a good habit for my powers of observation. I mean, I say that, but I’m not 100% sure that I really have keen powers of observation. I think I try and pay attention, but there are definitely times I miss out on things because I’m distracted or tired or otherwise engaged.

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