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Perspective Study; My Room, 1983

Perspective Study My Room, 1983

This, one of my first ever studies in perspective, was for the same high school drawing class as this. It shows my room, or at least a simplified version of my room.

At the time my parents, sister and I were living with my grandparents and I lived out on the patio. This included my kickass TI-99/4a computer, which I so dearly loved. You can see the tetherball in the back yard, the puppy Kristi aka Crystal, who chewed on some photos taken with a 110 camera. I still have the chewed photos.

The thing about the drawing is the loving detail on the computer (which had 48k of memory). The TI-99/4a has PRIMARY importance in the composition. Computers came FIRST, I can only presume, based on this.

From the same era, this image likewise includes the computer, but in context.

In this pencil drawing, a bit too large for the scanner so I had to composite it, I’m learning about perspective and not doing too bad a job. I like the inclusion of the tape/radio cassette I used to store my programs.

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