Married, moved, and getting it together.

Cal RT Boss, 1995

Cal RT Boss, 1995

I don’t remember this guy’s name. I would have drawn this on a slow night at California Hospital. He was a midwestern guy, and a supervisor. I think he was primarily a neonatal therapist, though he ended up as a night shift boss.

It’s kind of strange how I got the job there. I interviewed with the head of the department and never heard back. I reached out a few times in the next two weeks to try and contact someone and never got a satisfactory answer.

About 4 weeks later I got a call for a second interview with the night shift supervisor. It was for a noc position, so it was scheduled for about 10:00pm or so. So I took the opportunity to prepare by going to Twoheys for (breakfast? dinner?) [i found a picture of their sign on flickr]. I was still in Orange County so it was a stretch.

Getting the gig at Cal was the thing that allowed me to move out of the OC and into L.A., specifically to Koreatown.

That was a good deal. A big step in my transition to Angeleno. Yeah, that’s what many of L.A.’s denizens call themselves.

It’s funny, I consider myself a San Diegan _and_ an Angeleno. Can I have dual citizenship?

Or are they mutually exclusive?

It’s been a long day. Days off coming up here with family in town. I worked my butt off today on a project for work. Badass HTML and CSS done right and done hard. But I’ve got no energy for anything else. I worked a ten hour day today and let non-regular employment stuff go by the wayside. Tomorrow I catch up.

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What else did he post in August 2005?

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Now I don’t feel so bad about making less than Sassy!


Simi Joe

Every day is a ten hour day in SassyLand! Most are 12!

Yes Susan, they make these thick, great onion rings. Really good stuff.

why is the neon Twohey’s guy crying, and why does he have a closepin on his nose? Do they serve a lot of stuff with onions?

Yes, you can be both is my vote. I too think of myself as a SLOite, even though I’m in San Diego now. We don’t really have a “ian”, unless you call it SLObobian, which I think would make me a slob. It’s late ;).

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