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Talking Heads Superfan Thing

missewon sent me this link: Talking Heads DualDisc Brick:

The first complete artist catalog released on DualDisc! This specially packed boxed set contains all eight of Talking Heads’ studio albums, expanded and remastered as two-sided DualDiscs featuring audiophile DVD-A sound, rare and previously unreleased material, and video tracks. Packaging includes an outer white molded plastic box with raised song titles, housing eight individually packaged white jewel cases, each containing liner notes, rare photos, and song-inspired art pieces.

Formed in New York in the mid-’70s by David Byrne, Chris Franz, Tina Weymouth, and ex-Modern Lover Jerry Harrison, Talking Heads transcended their humble CBGB beginnings to become one of the most adventurous and influential bands of all time. Their visionary, polyrhythmic stew combined funk and punk with African beats, avant-garde minimalism, and pure pop. From their 1977 debut to their Brian Eno-produced classics to their 1988 swan song, Naked, Talking Heads consistently pushed creative boundaries while delivering smart radio hits like “Once In A Lifetime,” “Burning Down The House,” and “Wild Wild Life.” In 2002 the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I have no idea how I would even play a DVD-A. But that’s definitely something I’d like to have in the distant future. Real distant.

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